Grand Rising!

I came to this earth just like anyone else, to heal, elevate and experience.


I am a life path 9, which means that my energy/soul purpose is to be a humanitarian. I came to help teach and share the tools that I learn along my journey with others and the planet.

I came across different practices and perspectives on the different ways of life along my journey. I learned a lot studying different cultures and belief systems and practicing with myself, later using these tools for others.


They taught me how to begin processing my own childhood trauma, past life trauma and more. Which then lead to me assisting my friends and different people I came across.

I learned so much about Chakra balancing, crystals, tarot/oracle, to even reiki and energy healing, that it changed my life and it helped me help those who needed support. By combining these different aspects, I learned how to help bring balance to the mind, body and soul. Ridding the body of stagnant energy that was ready to release, helping to manifest more awareness and alignment.



Since I was a child, I always saw the world differently. I saw how people reacted to life/things and saw how different the experience was for me. How I was aware of other energies, beings and generally sensitive to so much. I am sure a lot of you have experienced and struggled with this as well.

As I grew to learn more about myself, and the gifts I had, I found more purpose on this planet.

Through all the research and application, I came to understand that I chose to come here to help the collective consciousness and to help the planet advance through my experience. 


By connecting individuals to their spirit guides providing them with the best possible guidance they have to offer them on how to get back in alignment with their journey. I offer my assistance to the collective by helping them find their own way for those who need it.

We are magic,

We  are Unconditional Love.


Peace and Namaslay. <3







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