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January 2024 New Moon & Full Moon Insight

Happy Dragon year and 8 year in Numerology! This is going to be such an amazing year for a lot of people. We spent the majority of 2023 a 7 year shifting through the dimensions of our healing and karmic contracts, a year of heavy releasing! Even the planetary alignments were pretty intense. A lot of people got redirected, lead to let go of a lot of relationships, careers, homes and how they perceived themselves.

8 represents the Divine Feminine and the Divine mother/daughter, karma, dharma, finances, abundance, infinity, the universe, the Divine laws of Source, Maat and so much more! A lot of us who have Dragon star DNA or even Dragon spirit guides, ancestors etc, have been receiving upgrades and activations to carry out for this next year. This energy is such an ancient frequency that has not been this present on earth for a long time. That's how we know the planet has been experiencing such powerful transformations! This is where everything we know changes! We get to experience such a powerful alignment as the Dragon also represents similar rulership to those of the number 8. That means double the frequency of all of these elements. The Dragon year bring good health, good luck, prosperity, creative sparks, divine transformations, wisdom, freedom, expansion, empowerment, redirection, soul connection, soul tribe, soul mates, passion, courage and so much more.

Dragons come in many different forms and appearances. For example, there are dragons of each element. Water, air, ether, fire, earth! Other beings that come from the Dragon family, one of those being the Phoenix. The Phoenix is also considered a type of fairy. Within the realm of Phoenix they also have different versions based on the elements as well! If you haven't already, this is a great time to connect with your Dragon guides if you have them. You can recognize their true identities as they tend to have deep wise voices and speak in riddles.

Now lets get into this moon energy!

Each month we have different phases that the moon moves through. It takes two days to move through each Zodiac sign. But the two phases we tend to focus on the most is both the New Moon and the Full Moon. The New Moon is when the moon is in its darkest part of its phase. You typically cannot see the moon in the sky during this part of the phase. The Full Moon is when the moon is its brightest as it is completely illuminated.

The New Moon usually happens more towards the beginning of the month and the full more towards the end. Each year the dates shift a little bit and sometimes we even have two full moons! The moon also goes through two eclipse seasons and multiple super moons. Eclipses are strong portal energies that the moon phases through, the Lunar Eclipse happens during Full Moons and the Solar Eclipse happens during New Moons. For the Full and New Moon energies we can typically feel the effects of them up to two/three days before and after it reaches the full phase. But with the eclipse we can feel the impact up to 6 months before and after!

The New Moon is used for beginnings, so this is a great time to focus on what you want to bring into your life. As well as embody more gratitude for the things you already have and discovering more ways to expand what is currently in flow. Full Moons hold space for us to release and let go of habits, belief systems, energies and more. Making this energy feel a little more chaotic and unsettling sometimes. Typically, Full Moons aren't used to manifest but based on the zodiac sign, the month and your personal experience some people are able to still use the full energy to manifest. Everything is situational and no information is fixed. Different things work different for every person. Utilize your intuition and discernment month to month on what feels right for you! Everyone's life and spiritual journey is tailored different !

For January 2024 I am so excited to start with these energies! Partly because I am a Leo! lol but overall these are such powerful alignments to start the dragon year.

Lets start with the New Moon in Capricorn!

Capricorn is an Earth sign, the Sea-Goat, ruled by Saturn, the 10th of the zodiac/ 10th house, a Cardinal sign. The number 10 represents new beginnings, portals, manifestation and shifting the belief system. The New Moon will be taking place on January 11th, 1/11/8 which also adds up to 11. Making it such a divine portal gateway, allowing for us to anchor in the things we've been creating on the spiritual realm down onto the physical realm. This is such a beautiful time! It means a lot of our hard work is finally going to create big changes in our external reality. Some of this is also due to Pluto moving out of its 15 year cycle in Capricorn as well. All of which, is setting us up for powerful rebirths.

If you have been feeling the things you desire are out of reach or keep falling short, the next couple of weeks (into the beginning of February) will definitely remind you of the miracles that are always possible! There's a lot that's been happening in the unseen/ether when it comes to our manifestation, success and accomplishments. In a way our trust and faith was being tested. We got to see what we are truly willing to do while waiting for things in our life to change for the better. If we actually believed in the universe and internally trusting that we are good enough and deserve amazing things. Are we going to choose to be patient and do the necessary shadow work in the meantime. Or do we need more time to work through our traumas.

For many this has been a time of breaking time loops. For some this is a wakeup call of the healing we are avoiding or have been working through on the surface level. The New Moon in Capricorn is holding space for us to enter a new life. We've been going through a major timeline split. We've been given the option of choice and what we're ready for as far as our purpose. But it's ok to still need time! I feel like the Capricorn energy is big on teaching us how to not rush the process and that there's no wrong path. It's more about creating stability and that process is going to look different for everyone. How can you slow down and learn to enjoy the journey more. Capricorn is also about doing what you need to in order to make what you desire accessible to you. Realizing how you are in more control than you realize and give yourself credit for it! You are more powerful than you realize and the more you create stability the more you can make things happen for you! Stability also does not mean that you do not have low moments or go through challenges. It just means that you are more willing to go through the flow of your life, regardless of what it looks like.

Next we have the Full Moon in Leo!

Leo is a Fire sign, the lion, ruled by the Sun, a Fixed-sign, the fifth zodiac sign/fifth house. 5 in numerology represents change, decisions, forward movement and personal freedom. The Full Moon in Leo on January 25th is a 7 day in numerology. It's going to give us the drive we need to truly integrate this new version of yourself and new timeline. As well as giving a glimpse of everything that you are currently still unfolding to be. This month is really allowing us to wake up to all the systems in our lives that we created, hindering us from living in our purpose. Waking us up to the excuses we make and the ways we've been operating in a victim mentality. Giving our power away with unhealthy boundaries, expectations and micromanaging the universe. These portals are redirecting us to what we prefer, if we are open enough to it. But again it's also ok if you are not ready and need to go back into your old timeline to clear out some more things. We'll be discovering new passions, new interests and new ways to express our inner child. Seeing what it's like and what is required of us to create more balance with work, rest and play.

We'll be spending this month really breaking past old programming and cycles we've been carrying for at least 10 years. A month of ending cycles and stepping into miracles. Seeing how important it is to work on our belief system. As what we see as possible, holds the control over how we navigate through our reality. Getting a glimpse of what's possible when we learn how to become consistent with healing our nervous system. Our belief systems are outdated and don't align with where we want to be. It is still linked to a lot of past trauma which isn't allowing us to see ourselves clearly, thus not allowing our external reality to change. This is a time to be brave, lean further into the unknown and trust that you absolutely can create change within yourself. Surrender and finally take accountability for our healing. Realizing how our choices played a bigger impact on our lives than what was actually happening in the external world. It is how we respond to our feelings and interpretations of reality which determines how fast or slow we get through our lessons.

The combination of the New Moon in Capricorn and the Full Moon in Leo gives us a pathway to freedom. Really allowing us to honor our truth and amplify our faith. Seeing the ways we can believe in ourselves more and our ability to make things happen for ourselves. Seeing that the dedication and the things that we do, really does matter and brings us closer to the desires we are trying to accomplish. We tend to get discouraged a lot when things don't go our way. When things don't play out the way that we envision and feel we'd prefer. We get so attached to our reality and we don't innerstand that the universe, our higher-selves and so many other aspects of ourselves and existence is also co-creating with us. That sometimes the things we want may come to us in a very different package, yet be exactly what we need! These energies is aiding us in grounding how we perceive things. Showing us how to stay encourage through the process and journey. Why we shouldn't keep ourselves in a tug of war with disappointment and negative perception.

Just because things get hard and challenging, that does not automatically equate to "no" or "rejection". We want instant gratification so bad that we don't enjoy things for what they are and how they play out. We always want things our way, we allow too much unbalanced ego to take over. As above so below, there's always a higher perspective to what our experience looks like to the cosmos. Especially when our inner child is still living in a lot of trauma. Our realities tend to scare us and bring disharmony to us. Making decisions to keep us complacent and being afraid to accept reality for what it is because that actually means we have to heal and shift. It's easier to stay in trauma and stay as you already are. But these energies are showing you that even if you're afraid, you have to still be courageous. You have to use your imagination to get you through the uncomfortable. Use your creativity to get through the unknown.

Don't use your traumas against yourself, instead open yourself up to the possibilities of ascension. Your experiences hold blueprints that if you just look from a different perspective you can actually change everything!

Let this month hold space for you to break past your limitations. Defeat the feelings of defeat and impossibility. Allow yourself change, give yourself a million chances! Whatever it takes to take you to the next level where you keep finding new ways to believe in yourself. See the purpose in your every moment and overall just learn how to appreciate everything more. This energy is teaching us how to be in more gratitude and slow down the way we react to our reality and ourselves.

We have a huge opportunity here to really get to know some of our hidden traumas. Realize some of the ways that we allow misconceptions to play out because we don't realize we are dealing with specific self vs self situations. We place too much blame and judgement on the outside world and people. We aren't open enough to some of the ways that the external reality is trying to show us ourselves. Sometimes we are still acting with trauma responses and don't even realize. Give yourself more time to study your behavior and the ways that you show up for yourself and others. Better understand that the triggers you experience through interacting with people or your environment is just trying to show you the areas where you can still grow. It is revealing to you the ways that you still experience pain. Healing isn't always as quick of a process as we think. We still have to be willing to revise our wounds and unpeel the layers. This months energy is holding a lot of space for us to have breakthroughs in these areas.

A lot of our abundance isn't magnetizing to us for these very reasons. We aren't open enough to fully receive the messages and signs that are coming to us. We aren't willing enough to be very honest with ourselves. To be truthful of all the ways we've neglected ourselves or still look down on ourselves and holding on to certain insecurities and lack. You are so worthy and capable of so much! It's time to start removing the layers and start embodying who you truly are. You have more power than you allow yourself to believe, so claim it all back!

May you finally see past the illusions and make the change happen. May you be patient, may you have clarity and may you continue to honor yourself and stop getting in your own way. There is no one, being or energy but you that can make or break your experience. Step into the self unconditional love with courage and creativity. And may you become the desires you seek.

If you would like to book personal readings, buy crystal jewelry, my meditation book head to the home page. If you would like to be added to the email list to get updates about retreats feel free to message me your email !

Thank you for reading!

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