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*All pieces are charged, mystically infused and programmed for its wearer. The crystals are all uniquely activated by Nefersoul to bring out more intentional support, guidance and protection. These activations help to shift its wearers mind, body, soul and spirit for forward movement, transformation, breakthroughs and more. Assisting the healing journey even down to the cellular level, these precious hand crafted jewels are designed etherically to ascend those who are drawn to them!~





Morganite: " I help aid anxiety and stress by bringing more unconditional love, compassion, loving thoughts and helping you be more receptive to love. Bringing more lightness I help release burdens and trauma, filling one with inspiration and helping one see the bigger picture in life and more understanding of your spiritual journey."



 Moranite works with the Heart Chakra.



Dragons symbolize power, cosmic energy, strength/courage, knowledge, balance, grounding, the element of fire, earth and air, transformation, richness in happiness, insight and so much more depending on the color as well.



*Copper is used to conduct electricity, cleanse ones aura/energy, heal and protect its wearer.

*Necklace included

Baby Dragon x Morganite Pendant w. Chain

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