*All pieces are reiki infused and programmed for its wearer

*Copper is used to conduct electricity, cleanse ones aura/energy and grown and protect its wearer.




Clear Quartz: " I am one of the clearest quartz in the world. My energy is amazing and can intensify other stones. I can be programmed for your intention. I bring clarity and heightened intuition. I can balance all energy centers. "


Blue Howlite: " I help bring wisdom, peace and clarity to its wearer especially in the dream/astral world. I am great for anger. stress and insomnia, and is also great for helping communication and coming across more mindful and graceful." 



Clear Quartz works with all chakras of the chakra system and is great for beginners.

Blue Howlite works with the Throat, Third-eye and Crown Chakras.


*Necklace included

Clear Quartz x Blue Howlite Necklace/Choker