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*All pieces are charged, mystically infused and programmed for its wearer. The crystals are all uniquely activated by Nefersoul to bring out more intentional support, guidance and protection. These activations help to shift its wearers mind, body, soul and spirit for forward movement, transformation, breakthroughs and more. Assisting the healing journey even down to the cellular level, these precious hand crafted jewels are designed etherically to ascend those who are drawn to them!~



*Aluminum is used to help one focus on their priorities, vitalizing the body and enhance intuition.

*Brass is used to bring out the good in someone, it enhances courage and truth.

*Copper is used to conduct electricity, cleanse ones aura/energy, heal and protect its wearer.

*Gold is used to help ground and relax, helps with depression, balancing and cleansing ones energy and emotions

*Steel is used for protection and works with mars helping to find balance with emotions


*All metals help balance and protect ones energy and help restore and create more balance in their life, also helping to attract more success and postitive outcomes. Together and with other crystals help protect from radiation/emf






Citrine: "I am a spiritual cleanser and can regenerate your spiritual self. I increase your energy and give you inspiration. I help depression, fears and phobias. I bring inner peace, wisdom and intellect."


Lapis Lazuli: I consist of lazurite, calcite and pyrite. My energy holds ancient wisdom and healing ability. I assist inner visions,creative expression and enhance psychic abilities. My energy helps channel ideas for writers, inventors, speakers and other profession


Pyrite:  "also known as fools gold, protects it's wearer from negative energy. It fuels and works with the sacral and solar plexus chakra. It helps you feel confident and gain physical and mental strength. It also helps one gain abundance and success. "


Periodot: " Aids psychic abilities and provides psychic protection. Bringing clarity and and stability to it's wearer. Peridot helps one attract abundance and gain confidence in self. It is great for unconditional love and emotional stability. "


Shungite: " I Provide grounding, patience and balance as I am a powerful grounding and healing stone and filled with ancient energy. I am great for balancing emotions, aiding anxiety and stress helping the individual feel more present. I also help protect the wearer from EMF and radiation. "




Citrine works with the Solar Plexus Chakra, helps attract abundance and does not absorb energy it deflects it.

Lapis Lazuli works with the Throat and Third-Eye Chakras

Pyrite works with the Solar Plexus and lower chakras.

Peridot works with the Solar Plexus and Heart chakras.

Shungite works with the whole chakra system.



*Copper is used to conduct electricity, cleanse ones aura/energy, heal and protect its wearer.

*Necklace included

Rectangle Orgonite Pendant w. Chain

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