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*All pieces are reiki infused and programmed for its wearer

*Copper is used to conduct electricity, cleanse ones aura/energy and grown and protect its wearer.

*Necklace included




Pyrite:  "also known as fools gold, protects it's wearer from negative energy. It fuels and works with the sacral and solar plexus chakra. It helps you feel confident and gain physical and mental strength. It also helps one gain abundance and success. "


Amethyst: " I create a field of protective spiritual light, purification, relaxation, and divine connection. I bring peace, clarity, and balance to those who meditate with me. I can free addictive personalities. I raise low energy into higher frequencies. I am good for the Third eye, crown, Etheric chakras. "


Black Tourmaline: " Iam good for helping the wearer ground and protect themselves from negative energy. I help block out emf from cell phones and other electronics and forms of radiation. I am a great tool when you need calmness and stability in your life. I help bring awareness to generational curses for healing and surrendering. "



Pyrite works with the Solar Plexus and lower chakras.

Amethyst works with the Third Eye & Crown Chakra.

Black Tourmaline works with the root chakra but also helpful to the other chakras.

Strawberry Kiwi Pendant

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