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Sun, Aug 24


New Mexico, USA

Open Your Kai Through Knispo Healing Retreats: New Mexico 2025

Focusing on the Solar Plexus Chakra we will be reclaiming our inspiration, confidence & taking charge in our lives. You are Unique & it's time to own it ! 9/10 Tickets are available now.

Tickets are not on sale
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Open Your Kai Through Knispo Healing Retreats: New Mexico 2025
Open Your Kai Through Knispo Healing Retreats: New Mexico 2025

Time & Location

Aug 24, 2025, 4:00 PM – Aug 29, 2025, 11:00 AM

New Mexico, USA

About the event

Our Retreats focus and work its way through the Chakra system, this allows us to focus on different areas of healing without the pressure or overwhelming focus on trying to work on everything. With this Retreat, we will be restarting at the base, the foundation!

We do not allow booking of tickets through the website as we prefer to have a conversation with those wanting to attend to make sure the Retreat is in alignment for the both of us! This also allows for us to know who will be attending to better accomodate everyone as well as for safety purposes. So if interested please reach out to us directly, via the Knispo website or private message Nefersoul or Kai on instagram (@nefersoul ,, @ahkkalel).

It is important to us that we travel around the country and not only focus on vortexes and only " tourist " destinations but to be accessible to those through out the country. We will still highlight the beautiful and yet still spiritual aspects of every space we host in. Sarasota, is known for having a beach location that the sand is made out of clear quartz crystal. It is said that these are remnants of Lemuria, making it a very powerful and special place. So if you identify as a starseed, facinated/interested in esoterics outside of overall seeking to heal and learn. This will definitely be a must experience for you!

A lot of us remember spending time in Atlantis and Lemuria, so let us join together to experience what remains!

Now let's get into what you'll experience with our Retreats:

Your Retreat Ticket includes:

  • Room and board~ in a double occupancy room in an Airbnb~ This means you will be sharing a room with another attendee in a queen or king sized bed. We room mutual genders together for comfortability purposes.

If you would like to come but would prefer not to share a space we can offer the privacy at an added cost. You also have the option to attend with someone you know so that you all can share the rooms together!

  • Live in Vegan Chef~ We do not serve any diary, meat, alcohol etc at any of our Retreats! Your ticket price includes a budget for all food and beverages served by our Resident Vegan Chef, Njeri Iman. She will provide 3 meals a day, plus snacks and desserts. We also keep water and other beverages such as juices, smoothies and more available to you both served throughout the day and at request.

We make sure to cater to any allergies you may have!

  • Classes/Workshops~ Since each Retreat has a theme, we typically build our classes based around our selected Chakra as well as its corresponding necessities. We still offer information about other topics and concerns to keep the Retreats Wholistic and open to all areas one may need assistance! The supplies we need to teach and have fun are included in your ticket price.

  • Reiki & 1 on 1s~ Nefersoul provides individual and group Reiki during the Retreat to assist with your healing journey. Reiki is a Japanese form of healing technique where an indivudal is open to being a vessel for the Universal Healing Energy to bring peace, clarity and healing to an individual. Practitioners aren't literally healing anyone, but holding space and the frequency you would need to tune into inorder to allow yourself to heal and let go. Reiki has plenty of benefits to the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional body. Your results rely more on your readiness to move on to a new level and belief system!

There will also be plenty of time and opportunity for individual conversations and sessions with Nefersoul and Kai if you need help with things outside of what we are focusing on during the Retreat. Or even if they relate to the Retreat but you are seeking a more one on one assistance.

  • Local Excursions~ We also add in mini explorations and activities to do outside of the Retreat space that allows us to have more fun and do some activities related to our theme. These activities vary based on location as well. For example: Puerto Rico includes site seeing a waterfall, to which we may not be able to experience in another state. As well as Vortex hiking in Sedona, which are specific experiences to their native environment. We typically try to do things that have no added costs, but will notify the group if there are things we will do that require a fee, ex. paid parking, aura photos etc.

We create an itinary of all of the things we plan to do during the Retreat on a day to day basis, but are not limited to doing those things at the specific times or days. We like to keep the Retreat as flexible as possible so that it doesn't feel robotic or feel like you are not also still on vacation. We do not focus 100% on healing, you deserve time to unwind and socialize!

We also like to do interviews for each of our Retreats with your consent, this allows us to share the experience with others as well as share our docuseries with the world.

What is not included in your Retreat Ticket:

Transportation is not included!

You are responsible for purchasing your own flights and vehicles for attending and experiencing the Retreats.

As far as Car Rentals for moving around the Retreat, we typically car pool where all attendees share all of the fees for renting a car and supplying gas. This allows us to keep lower costs and make sure everyone has mobility.

If you would like to get your own car rental and would not like to share with the group it is totally fine!

We usually aim for Arrival times for the first day to be between 1-3pm, 4pm the latest so that we can all be in attendance and assist each other. If you have better flight options at different time points please let us know before booking your flights so we can discuss all of the options.

For the last day of the Retreat we typically aim for Flights to be after 11am, this allows us time to clean up the Airbnb and make sure everyone is able to be dropped off to the Airport.

How much are the Retreat Tickets & How do we pay ?

The price of the Retreat Ticket, excluding transportation is: $1333

Non-Refundable Deposit $333.

You do not have to pay the full deposit in order to secure your spot. Any amount is welcomed! The rest of the amount is available for Refund if you need to cancel up until a month before the Retreat. If you cancel within the nonrefundable time, we will allow you to roll over into another retreat for the inconvience as all funds would have been invested into hosting the retreat by this time. You would still have to cover your transportation costs but will be able to attend another Retreat at no cost.

You can pay your ticket in full or in installments. Tickets will be paid via Invoice from Nefersoul's website, the invoice allows for a record to be kept for both parties.

If paying in installments, you can pay how much you want as often as you want or you can do the monthly fee based on when you start your payments. This amount is calculated based on how many months are between your starting month and the last month of payments, which is typically the month before the Retreat.

If you have any questions please reach out to us!



Check out our interviews and docuseries here <<< you can also check out some of this content on the Retreat page of the website underneath the event slots.

If you would like to be added to our Retreat mailing list please reach out with your email!

If you are unable to attend a Retreat but would like to book services with us both Nefersoul and Kai offer one on one sessions as well as Njeri offers catering services for individual and vending.

For Nefersoul you can go to the home page of the website for services, jewelry and meditation book

For Kai you can book services, purchase art/commissions, e-books here<<<

For Njeri you can book catering here<<<

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