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What is Sage ? And what is it used for ?


Sage is a natural herb that comes in many forms, some are edible and some nonedible. The edible types are used to cook with to gain its medicinal properties. The other types of sage are used for spiritual and cleansing needs. The kinds used for cleansing are usually toxic and not digestable.  But instead contain healing properties for the spirit, space and an individuals life force energy.


Many cultures through out the world used sage for removing spirits, negative energy, balancing ones energy, cleansing the air and so much more. Sage smoke is great for clearing the air from harmful chemicals helping to create more clean air similar to some indoor house plants.


It helps remove old energy and bring in new to help bring more wisdom and clarity to the individuals in the space.



What is Rosemary ? And what is it used for ?



Rosemary is a natural herb that has amazing benefits outside of digestion. The smell of rosemary helps increase memory, burning it also creates protection and purification. Rosemary works with the solar plexus as it is ruled by the sun, bringing vitality, strength and confidence.



What is Lavender ? And what is it used for ?



Lavender is another herb not only great and medicinal as a tea and a topical but it is also great for burning as well! Burning lavender is used to aid healing and spiritual balance as well, as it helps bring calm energy and relaxation, or it can also be used to stimulate creativity and heighten your psychic abilities and intuition.





Sage is a sacred herb that should not be abused, by using loose sage I hope to bring more awareness about herbal use and try to help reduce the over use of healing herbs in spiritual practice. Everyone is going through a lot and burning herbs can be extremely helpful but it is still up to us to try to be more mindful with natures gifts to us and be more cautious with how much we use this sacred herb.

Sage, Rosemary & Lavender Mix

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