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KNISPO Yelp Review:

  • Sha H.

  • Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

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I have been seeing Josie for Chakra chart reading, birth chart reading, crystals, and life coaching for about 2 years.. She also informs me of healthy eatting habits an suggest holistic ways for me to heal my energy and get over past wounds/energies.  I truly have changed my outlook On life because of her. She is such a great listener, she is so informative . She throughly explains everything about her spirituality practice and the benefits of it so I had a full understanding of my healing process. I suggest everyone to go to her for healing and crystals.

-Alana Resaul, Miramar FL

The tarot reading was really cool and beneficial to me. I would definitely want to do it again. An overall enjoyable experience.

-Tyeisha Price, Brooklyn, NY

My reading with Josie was very insightful. She is very caring, kind and passionate about her craft. The best thing about my reading was her honesty and straightforwardness. The reading was a very healing process and definitely brought me a lot of clarity and perspective on many things in my life. If you're at a crossroads in life, searching for answers, look no further than Josie to point you in the right direction. 

-Chermaine Boddie, Brooklyn, New York

My experience with your Tarot card reading was amazing, you were on point with everything. It also helped me confirm a lot of changes that was happening that I couldn't put my finger on. I will definitely come back to you again. Much love to you and your spirit guides. Peace Queen.

-Andrew Drewman

So far gotten two readings from you and they have been spot on accurate and provided me with the insight that I was looking for and needed. I greatly appreciate the work that you do and looking forward to coming to you again!

Peace love and blessings

-Jamal Harding, New York, NY
OMG WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!?!? I had been so stressed with life, career, my relationship, new job opportunities and becoming a father. I went to Josie for an energy reiki session without any true expectations but I knew I just wanted an answer somewhere. I remember being silent and her placing one crystal on my chest that made me feel as if the WORLD had lifted off of my life. I took the deepest breath I had in years. Then I woke up. Yes!!! I fell asleep and had the deepest sleep I had had in a while. It was as if my spirit was finally cleansed of huge weight that it couldn’t get rid of that was causing a spiritual/mental/emotional exhaustion.

I would advise anyone to do a session with Josie it will change your life in so many ways. Give in and let go!

KNISPO Yelp Review:

  • Alana G.

  • New York, NY

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  •  6 reviews

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My session with Josie was unbelieveable. She is very intuitive and picks up on many things going on in your life and beyond.  It feels like Ive known her forever. She gives great advice. Her session really helped me relieve some stress I couldn't seem to shake off and she cleared my auric field.  It helped me tremendously.  I would recommend everyone to try her services.  Also her hand made pendants have an amazing energy.

-Dekenna Davis, Brooklyn, NY

I used to be skeptical about tarot readings just because of what you see on T.V., but when I had my reading done with Josie she explained to me how everything is done and made the experience very comforting. I went to her about 3x for a tarot reading and every time she hit the nail on the head. I had my very first reiki session with Josie as well. I'm so glad I did because I didn't know I had so much bottled up emotions until after I was done. You feel all the bad energy leave you. I cried during my session because I was hanging on to the loss of my nana and Josie helped me through that with this reiki session. Every time I have a tarot or reiki done with Josie I always realize things I try to avoid and I'm truly happy with Josie and the gift she has.

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