• Guidance towards understanding & balancing your chakras.

    1 hr

    44.44 US dollars
  • A general/question break down of your past, present & future.

    45 min

    33.33 US dollars
  • General/Question break down of the different sectors of your life.

    1 hr

    44.44 US dollars
  • Ganesha, Earth Magic, Fairy Forest oracle cards & Chakra Affirmations

    2 hr

    66.66 US dollars
  • Remote crystal/sound healing: clearing & balancing ones chakra/life

    1 hr 30 min

    77.77 US dollars

KNISPO Vendor Experience

Community Garden – Brooklyn -  NYC

Awaken Fair – Terry Town/ Financial District - NYC

New Life Expo – Penn Station - NYC

Drake’s Dancers Spa Day – Madison Square Garden - NYC

ABE (All Black Everything) – Manhattan - NYC

DaSpot NYC Pop up Shop - Brooklyn, NYC

Health And Wellness Retreat – Dame Dash Studios – Burbank - LA

Lara Kaur Community Portrait Pop Up – Oakland, CA

Good Omen Market - Oakland, CA

Roses' Taproom Heart Market - Oakland, CA

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