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Have you ever seen orbs, fairies, mystical creatures, visions, spirits or even ghosts ?

Updated: Jan 2

Life is very interesting,

As we all tend to literally have different experiences. Since I was born I was completely drawn to other concepts of reality. To the point I pretty much held down the standard of being the weirdo of the family and the weirdo in school. Since I was a baby I always felt like I didn’t belong here, that I was different than everyone else. My sensitivities were completely different from everyone around me and I always felt like home wasn’t on Earth. For years I’d stare up at the stars and felt like a home somewhere in the stars was calling me. And because of that, I wanted to become an astronaut or an astronomer. I barely spent time on Earth yet one thing was for certain I wanted to go back to the stars. I didn’t like the way some of the people on Earth felt, I didn’t like the way they treated each other. I literally always remember as a child being new but knowing for certain there was a huge lack of love on this planet.

Over the years I spent a lot of time feeling like I looked at the world different than everyone else. While it seemed like other people were normalized to what Earth was I was absolutely fascinated with literally everything on every molecular level. How the average person could look at a tree, and just be like ok, there is a tree and just keep going. But for me, I saw a tree and felt energy, emotion and almost communication to an extent. Everything felt alive to me and felt like it all had a story to tell. I had so many questions that no one could answer, especially not in school. So, I spent a lot of time learning about Earth and the Universe on my own and trying to find my own answers.

So yes, I was that geek spending time after school breezing through homework and maybe a little parlay in video games eventually soaking in hours of discovery channel, animal planet, pretty much all the history and science channels and of course hours’ worth of ancient aliens haha. I annoyed my mom a lot with how much I needed to watch ancient aliens, but hey, what else was I supposed to do. No one else was as interested as me in this planet and what’s outside of it. I was obsessed with super novas, aliens, planets outside of our solar system and so much more.

As a kid I also viewed imaginary friends a lot differently, it wasn’t something I just imagined but (later to find out) actual spirits I’d connect to so I had absolutely no control of them the same way the other kids did. For me I didn’t make them show up to play whenever I wanted and sure didn’t make up what they looked like. They were actual beings that at the time I didn’t realize was a separate entity. My interaction with them was a lot different than how the average child interacts and plays with imaginary friends.

The older I got the more I realized my experience was very different and it kept unlocking so many more questions that no one could answer. Growing up in a Christian home, my questions came across ridiculous. Eventually the internet came out and I gained access to a lot of books about all of these things. I learned so much about ancient civilizations and people who had the same questions as me but were able to physically gain access to or learned more about spirituality and were tapped into their abilities to communicate with other worlds and beings.

It gave me a deeper connection than all of the ancient aliens because of course it was on television I could tell a lot of it was fake as well. I wanted more, my soul yearned for more and I discovered how much this world was not what it seemed to be. I started learning that people had contact with other beings, people saw things, people experienced other dimensions, visitations, seeing ships and other things that the average person would deem psychotic. And yet, somehow all of these things all lead to each other. The most interesting perspectives were from people who did psychedelics, they had some crazy experiences that I realized I experienced not only sober but as a child. I started finding validation to my theory of me not being from this planet. And even though I feel this way about myself, the more people I’d meet who I also felt weren’t from here either. There’s just way too much happening in the world for us to think we’ve figured it all out. I happen to think our day to day experience is very surface level. There is so much more to this existence, so much more to what we are all doing here and in the universe.

Honestly, I never really went back to what was considered “normal”. Alice showed me the rabbit hole and I dived in ready to begin unlocking the mysteries of life. And what it means to be here on this planet and what it means to be human and shit what it means to be a spirit. Whatever reality this is, I realized people were completely focused on just being human that they couldn’t even truly comprehend that they are spirits first. The odd part being that there are so many layers to this existence and it’s honestly funny how we have found a way to dumb down what it means to even be human. We’ve dumbed down the intelligence of just our bodies itself and how it functions. That this reality wasn’t mundane in anyway at all. This realm is so filled with illusion and it inspired me to want to go deeper. I spent majority of my life reading and learning, literally digging for answers. To the point I jumped back and forth from wanting to be an astronomer to wanting to become an archeologist. I realized so much truth was being silenced that now I wanted to skip the middle man and go straight to the source.

And even that saying has so many layers within it, “ Go past the middle man and straight to the source “. Where we are as a people right now is in so many ways limiting. We have been given second hand information for a long time when it comes to what this reality is about. It is truly only when you have questions that you begin to realize that there is a whole other existence within itself. Is being human really so simple as the cycle of being born, waking, eating, sleeping, working and then dying?

I honestly think we have gotten so distracted that we’ve missed out a lot of what we could be experiencing here. Everything has turned into boarders and rules that only stops people from living, not at all any way that helps us. The literal amounts of information kept from us and controlled, it makes so much sense why I felt so alone during my journey. It’s hard to find other people that honestly look at life so deeply that they literally pay attention to everything.

So many ancient civilizations for literally over 10,000 years have documented so much and they all have had experience with other worlds and beings. So to be deemed crazy and weird and be blocked from the information made me angry. There was so much being covered up and I felt so alone in it, especially alone in the thought that even with the answers I find I still am so far away from truly understanding anything. And like I said earlier, everything leads to each other. Eventually, I was lead into medicine, shamans, buddhas and more. Which lead me to meditation, and well shit that’s when it all really took off. I realized I didn’t need to go anywhere else but into my own mind for the answers. Our connection to God and the universe is already built inside of us and all we need to do is knock on the door and over time we gain access to things we can’t even imagine.

I started connecting with beings and being able to see things of the past, present and future. I most definitely seen these things from a child but I didn’t know at the time, and so it wasn’t until I got older and started learning more and opening my chakras that they became more clear. And this time I was able to communicate and intuitively tap in with these things that I wasn’t able to before. I saw orbs, fairies, blue static, beings in real life and in my mind’s eye. This is when I truly stopped feeling crazy, especially when it came to my sensitivity. As I got into my early 20s I was given all the proof I needed to know that everything since a child was all real and there was a reason for it all. A reason why I had access to it, why I seeked it and why I will become what I will.

For a lot of people this world is very mundane, but for some of us this world is absolutely magical! There’s so much that has been lost in this world and I was so happy to learn that I wasn’t far off from any of it at all. It’s truly a honor to be able to experience this version of the world. Talk about Harry Potter in real life, the universe pretty much said “ You’re a wizard Nef “. Of course people still think I’m crazy but it’s ok. I’m absolutely fine with where I am and who I am, I just want to continue to learn more and experience more. And man, it only keeps getting better.

I’ve seen a few ships, one was really close in Manhattan and thank god I wasn’t alone, a lot of people were near by and seen it as well. I’ve gone on vortex hunts in Sedona, AZ and Mt. Shasta and man the energies

there are literally out of this world. It was the most magical places ever, the energies there are indescribable. When I went to New Orleans I seen fairies/orbs and felt so much magic I will never forget. At this point I look forward to traveling across the globe and seeing how much more I can connect to and uncover.

I’ve seen energy grids as well, on trees, in nature and even just in simple spaces. The grids, orbs etc were always different colors. I’ve seen white, red, green, blue, orange, yellow, the most seen color is usually white. Sometimes I can hear them too, I don’t really know how to describe it but they all sound similar. The more you connect with the orbs the more you feel the energy and sometimes their energy can be a lot. The frequency of connecting to these things can bring up anxiety because while the body and mind is trying to process what’s going on. The more I opened myself up the more the orbs got bigger and the energy got more intense.

The very interesting one too is the blue static I see over bodies of water, I no longer just see an open empty space of oxygen etc. But I see a mixture of white and blue static, sometimes within it I also see swirls of translucent energy. The swirls I don’t feel are necessarily related to the water because I also see those when I am laying in nature and looking out into the open. I’m still learning to understand what these things mean, it isn’t scary at all just very interesting. Especially because my physical body gets effected by it.

But anyway, I don’t really have a goal with what I want to do with these blog posts. I just really wanted to start opening up about some of my experiences. I’ve always been drawn towards writing to express myself and it’s definitely written in my stars and numerology to reach people through words. And so, I look forward to what this journey unlocks. Thanks for taking the time with me.

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