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March 2024 New Moon & Full Moon Insight

March is such a beautiful month as it is the official start to the astrological new year. Up until this time we would be experiencing a lot of endings and change. Closing out major rebirth cycles, phasing out of generational and karmic lessons/contracts. That is why even though we start the "new year" in January why the start to the year tends to feel very heavy still. Us feeling so driven to focus more on purpose and our future. It is because we still feel the pull to our transformation. Being drawn to focus on what we need to do in order to realign with our goals.

This month is going to focusing a lot on the physical body and how we upgrade it to be in sync with all of the spiritual and etheric work we've been doing during the winter season. We spent the last few months learning about the different ways we needed to evolve our consciousness. Discovering all of the ways to navigate through our healing. We think healing automatically works on all of our bodies but each aspect of us still requires action and attention. Even though reprogramming the mind is helpful towards helping to ease the physical body. There is still work to do, whether it is fasting, detoxing, stretching, working out etc. The body still needs different forms of physical release in order to truly release what has been stored within it, especially the nervous system.

So the universe is holding space for us to focus more on wholistic healing instead of surface level and selective healing.

March 10th we have a New Moon in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, a water sign, it is mutable which means it is linked to change and is one of the signs that closes out a season (winter, spring summer, fall). Pisces is symbolized with two Koi fish who flow with each other, representing yin and yang energy. Making Pisces a beautiful representation of duality, balance, masculine/feminine and more. Representing the intuition and the physical plane, this is a sign of spiritual gifts/realm and how we balance existing in multiple planes. This is such a powerful energy to be ending the astrological cycle in. Pisces rules the 12th house which represents the psyche, freedom, spiritual gifts, transformation, intuition and more.

Having a new moon in pisces means we will experience great illumination on how we move on from the past. How we move towards being more intentional and understanding of how human and spiritual existence works. We are getting to really understand the impact of the things we consume, what we give attention to and the types of things we choose to experience in life. This energy is about taking our power back and how we can stop blaming things outside of ourselves and instead begin to see the spiritual purpose and bigger reasoning for why our lives are playing out the way that it is. Nothing is purposeless and the more we are willing to understand how God created this reality and its reasoning the more seriously we can take how we show up in the experience.

We are truly learning the impact of existence and the truth to spiritual contracts and the akashic records. Everything isn't so random, we have just been groomed to no longer know the very truths that would help us not feel so lost. This season is holding space for us to truly see how much knowledge really is power. The more we invest into that understanding the more grounded and flow state we become.

Then we have the Full Moon in Libra, an air sign ruling the 7th house, the house of relationships and partnerships both intimate and platonic. Libra is a cardinal sign which also means it is the initiator and deals with creative/creation energy. Libra rules balance and justice as well as the mind. This full moon will be the first eclispe of the year, and will be a lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse is when the earth is between the moon and the sun casting a shadow over the moon. Eclipses hold very powerful energy and can affect us for up to 6 months. This means that this full moon is going to be amplified with helping us to balance out our mindset, emotional body and ground our spiritual gifts.

This moon is bringing emphasis to the body and the mind and how they can operate as one. I also know a lot of people have been dealing with a tug of war between their heart and mind lately. So there has been a lot of blockage in the throat chakra being experienced in the collective. I very much feel that these energies will be subsided by the time we get to this full moon. It is holding space for us to be more accountable about how we have been choosing to respond to life. Bringing up a lot of energy, memory and emotions that may have been suppressed in us since childhood. We are seeing the true definition of 'healing happens in layers'.

This full moon is teaching us where we lack boundaries, where we fall short in our discipline and where we have been tricking ourselves into false realities. Again, because this is being amplified by the eclipse energy this means that we will be effected by this energy all month and may have been sooner. The main focus truly being about emotional stability. The universe isn't sending you curve balls just to make you uncomfortable. It is all happening to bring more awareness to the ways you are ready to let go and step into even more freedom.

I know you have been working hard and working towards changing your life. This is a time of great change and this isn't the time to give up for feel discouraged. Instead take a huge step back and be more willing to see what these lessons are revealing to you about your healing journey. When we get hit with more lessons and tower moments than we think we can handle, typically what's happening is the universe just trying to show us how we can take things even further. Especially if you are someone who tends to be a light to others. You don't necessarily have to be a healer but just someone that people tend to look to for assistance and support. You are especially being taught the necessity of learning certain lessons which will teach you enough to continue to show up as that light for others.

This full moon, lunar eclipse is a big breakthrough energy. Showing us what we can get through if we just don't give up and victimize ourselves. But, instead become optimistic and open to what life is trying to show us. Be open to what we are actually capable if we applied ourselves more. We are never as helpless as we may feel sometimes, what we need is just inspiration and motivation. Courage!

Life is constantly changing, and as humans we tend to feel our most comfortable in structure, repetition. So we get dysregulated when again, life throws us curve balls. They are just meant to reflect back to us guidance of what's next in our journey. Showing us the things we can't control to better highlight the things that we can.

Altogether this new moon and full moon energy is assisting us in a beautiful metamorphosis and rebirth. Where we get reintroduced to who we were the entire time before trauma! We are being shown the path to truly making a huge life change and not just the baby steps that we're used to. A lot is about to change for a lot of people and this is why collectively we are experiencing so much purging and redirection. We don't always know where God wants to take us, and for that this is where we are being taught a lot of patience. We are also being taught how to start looking at life differently, where we are more excited about what happens and not so caught up in what we want life to be like and disappointed when things happen differently.

There is so much more to life, than just what we want. I feel this month is really teaching us how to break past that energy and really start to honor a go with the flow nature.

This energy feels like a great fresh start for most people, even though this is the last month without retrogrades and we are moving into eclipse energy. It feels like things are starting to lighten up, especially where we were feeling a lot of obstacles. That heavy stagnant energy is starting to pass through and that's all due to our willingness to change, shift and unfold. The combo of the wind and the air just also gives me the vibe of movement. Where we felt like things were stagnant it was all pushing us to slow down to really get to innerstand who we are. Truly get to understand the new ways being brought up for us to heal and bring ourselves into even more freedom.

All of the pressure was just turning you all into diamonds. Molding you into such a new beautiful being. One where you are again free of doubt and worry. We are being shown how to really trust in ourselves and trust in the divine. Regardless of where we come from and what we've been through. We are all such beautiful beings and we need to give ourselves more credit for that. You're not meant to be perfect, you are just here to experience. You are seen, valued and appreciated! This months energy is definitely trying to remind us all of that!

We are also being asked to eat lighter, cleanse, detox, isolate. Put yourself in a position to really rebirth. Bring out your inner child more, dance, move, bring more fun and excitement into your life.

A big message has also been, to stop being so serious. To really allow yourself and others more grace so that you can navigate with more certainty and mindfulness. We are shifting so much because the earth frequency has been ascending. So much that we can't hide behind our masks, we can't hide behind facades. You are being called to become your true self. To realize how your past, your childhood trauma has in someway turned us all into master manipulators. We have become so good at hiding and suppressing due to not knowing how to properly navigate our emotions. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The universe is just serving us lessons to really bring attention to this so that we can heal even deeper now. We spent a lot of time peeling away the layers, now we're being shown how to actually dive into our unknown realms within ourselves. This is such a huge opportunity for amazing healing and growth.

If you decide to choose healing, your external life is going to change so much. So for those of you putting in the work, here is your early congratulations! I can't wait for you to literally turn your entire life around!! Keep thriving, keep going. All of this pressure just means we're so close to a huge breakthrough! Believe in yourself!

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