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New Moon and Full Moon Insight February 2024


February is such a magical yet intense month, I hope you all are hanging in there! The first half of the month we are still processing through a lot of old programming from our childhood and generational lineage. We are experiencing a lot of solar storms and timeline jumping that things may feel very paradoxical. With us officially starting the Chinese New Year on 2/10, the New Moon on 2/9 and universal activations on a level we haven't experienced in a long time. Things may still be feeling very chaotic, yet very nostalgic and a fresh sense of newness all in one.

We are experiencing some trauma from our childhood coming up. Things dealing with the blockages and suppressed memory/emotional blocks around our transformation into our new abundant lives. In order for us to move into new timelines and manifest the things we desire. We have to make space for them and shift our magnetic frequency in order to resonate and align with those future versions of ourselves. Our lower chakras deal a lot with abundance, security, finances and more. Making our childhood a huge impact and blueprint to how we create the realities we want.

The things we experienced then reveals the life lessons and journey we need to take in order to make our goals reality. The journey is just as important as the goal, this is why healing happens in layers and why we have to go through different cycles. They serve the purpose of ascension and realignment that we may not always see in the moment. The reasoning always comes to us after we've healed and moved on to the next phase. All of these alignments and the energy of this month is holding space for us to learn how to better adapt to these cycles sooner. We are less likely to repeat certain lessons when we become more present and willing to see the whole picture in situations and not just rush ourselves to the goal.

Aquarius is an air sign, yet its symbol represents both electricity and water. It is a representation of the divine flow of life. Teaching us about the layers of ' as above so below, so within so without'. It is a fixed sign ruled by Uranus, the planet of technology, innovation, surprises, liberation, freedom etc. As well as Saturn the planet of life lessons, karma, strength and more. Aquarius itself rules esoteric knowledge, government, community, revolution and the 11th house.

This new moon is helping us to understand the ways that we limit ourselves, especially based around other peoples opinions, society and the government. This is a time of personal liberation and how you can get out of your own way. Taking the initiative to take about some level of control and power. How do you give your power away? What boundaries do you lack? In what ways are you ignoring your intuition and allowing other people to infiltrate your energy, emotions and spirit?

This is a time of learning and applying yourself, getting back into routine that supports you as well is fun and not just super structured and militant. Really being honest with yourself about the ways you trap yourself in comfortability and how you can finally begin to work on yourself in ways of spiritual liberation and no longer box yourself in with illusions of what ifs and can'ts. This is your time to really show yourself you mean business!

Full Moon in Virgo is going to help us alchemize and stabilize all of this heavy energy. We are being prepared for life to take off, for unexpected miracles and abundance to pour in. So rest up and work on your plans and your creative ways you can get to your goals. We like structure but too much structure removes the feminine essence which will make manifesting a bit more difficult. This energy is pushing for us to try a lot of new things. You may have been utilizing the same tools and techniques for a long time and although they're still helpful it can make us a bit stagnant. Everything needs to change up from time to time. That's why this month is working a bit with faith over structure. Because we get too accustom to specific things and don't realize. There is always room for more and new. Never get too comfortable with anything, always be open to trying new things and new paths.

Virgo is an earth sign and mutuable this means it does well with flexibility. It is ruled by Mercury which means it deals a lot with expression, mindset, travel, creation, the physical body as far as the nervous system, creative routines and more. It is the ruler of the 6th house and is our reminder of how to balance our mental energy and ground it. Altogether both the new moon and full moon is helping us to really change our external reality by shifting the internal reality. Helping us to really realize everything has been within us the whole time. The abundance, everything we seek starts within, how we take care of ourselves and live out our day to day. It is all up to us, the outside world has nothing to do with how we show up for ourselves. We just always look for excuses to validate our actions and take the focus away from ourselves.

In reality, everything has always been up to us and the more we work through our indifferences and willing to put in the work to heal and grow. Most certainly, to surrender! No more holding onto anything, no more weighing ourselves down and filling our hearts with worries and sorrows. Taking the chance and the risk to do all of the things we want to do instead. Defeating the very illusions we create and take accountability for how we respond to life. This is our chance to really change things, we just have to be willing to truly let go.

Travel the world if you want to, go into the career you prefer! Love yourself, do the meditation, the yoga, eat better! Do whatever it is you know you truly want and desire. It's time to start living.

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