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May New Moon and Full Moon 2024

May 7th New Moon in Taurus. Happy abundance, prosperity and divine timeline change! I know things may have been rough for some time but we are being abundantly assisted by this New Moon!

Taurus is an Earth Sign, a fixed sign which even though may make them appear stubborn and unaligned with change I find these signs to hold such a great example o standing on business! Fixed signs are reminders that you can say no, you can set boundaries and you can prioritize yourself healthily. Taurus is ruled by the second house which deals with finances, how you attract things, beauty, value, material and more. Taurus is also ruled by Venus which makes it ruled by love as well.

This New Moon is holding space for great change in our lives without resistance from the Universe. Usually we have lessons, energies pushing us towards release and accountability. But this energy is actually just free to be, a bit rare of an experience for us lately! With that being said this energy is about us breaking past our limitations. Really understanding why we feel so uncapable. Highlighting our insecurities and the areas that we don't believe in ourselves, believe that we can have the things we want. Most of us talk about manifesting all day but deep down inside feel very unworthy!

It's ok, most of us come from poverty, lack, scarcity and unbalanced upbringings. Foundations that have programmed us to rely on a faulty system instead of ourselves and our faith. Utilize this energy to help you finally take the steps forward into what you want. Dig deep and find those energies that talk you out of going after what you want! You are worthy, you are beautiful you are seen and heard. You deserve that fairy tale love, you deserve to be financially stable and have the dream house, car, family and career. You deserve to rest, to love yourself, to feel beautiful, you deserve everything so let yourself finally have it.

I know it's easier said than done, but it's never been impossible either! You give so much to others, situations and external reality. It's time to finally pour into you and give your internal world the same love and excitement you ask for externally. What do you need to feel more secure inside? What do you need to accept in order to see your worth and value from the inside? The external reality can only change so much when you are running away from the inside.

Let this Taurus New Moon assist you in surrendering those burdens!

Let your self be free, stop fighting your healing and become abundance itself. You are ready to be free! So when those negative thoughts and emotions pop up, kindly tell it "I love you, but no. I don't accept that."

This Moon is holding space for us to really see that the beauty inside of us has already been there. We have always had amazing things about us and we kept looking outside instead. Revealing through its fixed energy the ways that you have chosen to 'fix' certain mindsets and perspectives into your reality. Yes, all things are actually capable of changing, the only thing constant is change!

Surrender and let the past go, heal it and finally make peace with it. Just because some things look the same and happen again. Does not mean that it's going to keep happening forever. You have every capability to grow and change. You are worthy, you are loved. Whether you have people in your life or not, whether the people around you show up or not. You will always have the capability to give yourself that love and support. As well as all of the ancestors and spirit guides all of the angels that are around you and helping you all of the time. You've always been the one meant to give yourself the love and encouragement that you look for from others.

It's time to be courageous!!!

Great things are on the other side of fear.

Flower Full Moon May 23rd in Sagittarius, what a vibe!

Sagittarius is a Fire sign, it is a mutable sign making it great with flexibility. It is ruled by Jupiter and it rules the 9th house. The 9th house rules higher knowledge and philosophy. These placements this month plays a big role in why a lot of astrologists keep saying that May is a very lucky month for most people. That there are a lot of unexpected abundance coming in. We have a lot of great luck on ourside this month!

The full moon being in Sagittarius after experiencing such a divine shift of perspective with the moon, really helps us solidify choosing an abundance mindset and life choices, instead of feeling so defeated and attached to past disappointments. This energy is really helping us open our minds and learn new things. Whether about ourselves and/or others and the world. Sagittarius is the Archer, so it is about focusing on the goal and losing sight of doubts, lack of clarity and able to achieve the target.

This is a big chance to really reprogram your genetic coding and your nervous system. You may keep having the feeling of enough is enough. You're ready to stop thinking so low and you actually want to get to the bottom of why you are the way you are. You are finally ready to understand why you always expect the worst. You finally feel motivated enough to bring your focus and attention to what is required of you to start over.

This full moon is a great time to do a burn ceremony, after utilizing the majority of the month to take risks and to mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually make the CHOICE to stop creating obstacles. To stop choosing to respond to life with such resistance. Allow yourself to see what you need as well as listen to your body more this month, so that you can see what you need from YOU!

Be accountable and be impeccable!

Be courageous!

Your life isn't over, you didn't screw up, this isn't the end. But you do have to feel and experience ENDINGS in order to move into and experience new beginnings. So, learn to appreciate these seasons in your life more. As endings only mean you are at the cusp of a new beginning. Most of the time what happens is we feel ourselves enter the void and then we talk ourselves into thinking that everything has failed. We further feed and fuel those emotions instead of opening our eyes and looking. We don't take the time to observe and understand, we just surrender to an unidentified feeling of failure.

This month is really teaching us that we've been fixated in failure and haven't learned to love it and see its purpose. Which is just to teach us what is required next of us, what we are ready to work on and release in order to start something new. It's very easy to interpret this energy as something negative when we've been conditioned to only see it that way. But the entire time, those emotions have been the keys to our layers of freedom.

Take more chances on yourself and understanding more, instead of settling in an unsettling emotion. You are worthy, you are deserving and the more you allow yourself higher learning and enlightenment the more in flow you'll be able to move through the different seasons of your journey.

Be more patient with yourself and your life, be more patient with people. Take your time and slow down. You don't need to rush. Trust the process more and have more faith and trust in yourself!

The universe is always working in your favor and only your perspective can make or break that. Breath more, and accept more. And know that none of this change will happen over night. But your consistency will eventually get you there. And day by day things will start to get easier. Every day won't be perfect, even when you master more. It is all apart of life. So work your way to accepting life for what it is, through practicing detachment and trust.

Thank you for reading.

May you have a miracle filled month and rest of your life!

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