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New Moon in Gemini & Full Moon in Capricorn June Insight

New Moon in Gemini on June 6th is shaking up life for a lot people. Gemini is an air sign so it deals with the mental. The planet Mercury rules Gemini. Mercury is the planet of communication, travel, intellect, processing information, higher learning and so much more. During this time, we have many planets in the sign of Gemini which is bringing a lot of movement and change. I always look at air signs or anything dealing with air being something that brings movement. Air is always moving and transforming, and so all of this energy is aiding us in making forward movement. Showing us the ways that we are ready to learn more to bring us out loop cycles. Although Gemini gets such a bad rep it actually represents balance, duality and harmonizing the different aspects of yourself. Gemini being the twins can definitely bring out internal battles that your soul is ready to release. It will bring up a lot of truth and communication from aspects of yourself that you may not been able to hear before. Some people also look at Gemini as the sign for the twin flames. Which is why I feel like this energy, again with so many planets being in Gemini that it is highlighting the areas in yourself and in your life that are not operating in synergy. The point of the Twin flame energy is to master self and realize your truth so that you can become your greatest version. But if you are fighting that process it may make it difficult for you to sit in this type of energy. Especially with the Mercury energy, most people tend to have a lot of difficulties when mercury is in retrograde or when Mercury highlights certain things. Again because it reveals conversations between your mind, body and soul that you may have been oblivious to. Making this time a bit difficult, which I am also still learning more about what a cazimi means. However, we were also under the influence of that energy. Which means, although this new moon should have came with so much abundance and breakthroughs. It is also coming with a lot of life lessons and wake up calls. It is important to be patient with yourself. Life is not testing you to feel worse about yourself. It is just the battles within yourself that you don’t know how to break past trying to resurface so that you can finally make peace with it. Don’t let the challenges stop you from accomplishing growth and personal power.


Full Moon in Capricorn June 21st is helping us get more serious about our self and our purpose. Because the energy of and around the new moon served as a catapult. Capricorn is going to help us smooth things out and become way more confident and secure. Capricorn can sometimes appear to be emotionless and focused on the physical world. This is because Saturn, which is helping us to clear karmic debt, rules Capricorn. It is holding space for us to take the ascension of the new moon to the next phase. This month is so powerful because it is bringing attention to why you need to focus more on showing up for yourself with balance, versus out of fear and lack. Why it’s important to not get too caught up in the life lessons but using it as inspiration to excel. This is a month of being a student and not forcing yourself. Full Moon in Capricorn is teaching us where we place our values and where we fall short. You may not have been acknowledging your power and the ways that you have been moving towards change. Because Capricorn is an Earth sign, it will help us to ground and focus on what’s more important. This New Moon and Full Moon is giving as above so below. Even though Capricorn works very closely with the material plane it is also very big on appreciating life for what it is and making sure that you are cherishing every moment. The awareness that life doesn’t last forever so it is important that you make the best of it. I feel like this full moon plus the energy of the entire month is revealing what you again, you value. Where you are putting your time, efforts, energy, belief and so much more. In order for you to create harmony, make sure that you are feeding into what’s going to help you elevate.

These energies don’t want you to stay where you’ve been. It is putting you under pressure so that you can finally see where you’ve been stuck. You deserve so much and have assigned for you to receive more than you could ever think of. There are many illusions stored within your mind, body and soul that’s not allowing you to see your truth. Release the programs that don’t belong to you by choosing different feelings. Healing isn’t only just about working through things, but also choosing different. Emotions and thoughts aren’t permanent. In addition, the more that you realize that and realize the power of what you feed into. The more responsible and accountable you become, the more you are willing and able to make the development you have been working towards. It’s more about how unlimited you are, but we let our perception sway our perspective. We get in our own way before we give ourselves the chance to really experience life and live. Are going to keep taking leaps of faith or are you going to give in to the illusions?

You can change your entire life, now. Have more trust!

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